Tips on Choosing a Parking Lot Sweeping Services Company

Originally posted on January 22, 2014

Regular parking lot sweeping is one of several preventive measures you can take to avoid resurfacing your entire parking lot or driveway, which can prove to be a huge cost many property owners don’t have the budgets for. Consistent sweeping is a preventive maintenance measure that may seem simple, but actually has the power to get a few or years out of your parking lot.
Regular sweeping keeps your pavement free of glass and lose aggregate, and it doubles as a way for you to know the condition of your lot. Parking lots left alone naturally collect debris, which may hide cracks and asphalt in poor condition, potentially leading to unexpected problems.
Parking lot cleaning is a necessary service for anyone who has a parking lot; after all, it’s one of the few places in a business establishment where first impressions are made. That being said, it pays to turn the job of parking lot sweeping to professionals who know the ins and outs of taking care of pavement.
Here are some tips on deciding on a parking lot maintenance services company.
Check the proposal thoroughly
It’s already a given that most pavement maintenance companies’ markets are of a commercial nature, which includes places like schools, malls, hospitals, airports, grocery stores, and more. They’ll know what to offer you in their proposal, and you’re likely to see what you need.
However, it’s still important to check the proposal and see if it’s easy to understand. Check the fine print and find out if the company makes ‘hidden charges.’ Proposals should be easy to understand, with a concise explanation of the duration of the service, as well as the frequency of parking lot sweeping. Above all, a maintenance company’s proposal should be able to identify your problem and present you with a recommended solution.
Check for feedback
Great and reliable maintenance companies are able to establish strong relationships with their customers. These companies make themselves accessible and go the extra mile by providing things like after hours support and tips even after their contract has expired.
Your goal should be to find recommendations from business owners who have spotless parking lots in their establishments. While many people take them for granted, some truly appreciate what it takes to keep the pavement clean. Find these people and check for feedback on which companies they trust and have a good record with.
Ask Questions (The Right Ones)
Any reputable parking lot sweeping company will be able to provide you with clear answers to these questions.
1.     How much time will the will the job of sweeping the parking lot take?
2.     Can the maintenance company provide proof of being licensed?
3.     Does the company have a reliable credit rating?
4.     What kind of equipment will the maintenance company be working with?
5.     What kind of experience does the company have?
Of course, before you kick off an interview with a maintenance company, it pays to know the terminology being thrown around in their industry, as well as the details of the kind of services to expect.
Remember not to aim to for the lowest bidder; the most important factors that affect your decision of choosing a company should be quality, reliability, and experience.
Bottom Line
Remember that the goal of parking lot sweeping isn't just to keep your pavement looking clean, but also to keep customers coming back to you. Appearances are everything, and a spotless parking lot speaks volumes on the quality of the services or products your business offers. After all, how can you be expected to provide good services when you can’t even be bothered to take care of your premises?