TN Sprinkler System Repairs & Service: Why It Is Important

repairs-serviceThere are many homeowners that count on having a sprinkler system that works properly to keep their lawns, plants, trees, flowers and bushes looking healthy and green. In most cases, we rarely think about our irrigation system unless something goes wrong with it. Working with a professional irrigation company in Middle TN to perform regular checks for irrigation repair and service will help you to stay on top of your sprinkler system. Seasonal checks and services can be done on time to help protect your system from damage and any sprinkler system repairs that are required can be fixed on the spot. Middle TN irrigation system repair and maintenance is an important part of keeping your landscaping looking its very best.

Why We Ignore Our Sprinkler Systems
The whole point of having a sprinkler system is so that your lawn and landscaping can get watered automatically on a pre-set schedule and you don't have to think about it. As a result, we often ignore our sprinkler systems and don't pay attention to basic things like irrigation repair and service, neglecting them until they stop working or an obvious leak springs. Without proper sprinkler system repairs and seasonal service, even the highest quality irrigation system will still require maintenance for optimum performance.

How often does a sprinkler system need servicing? The answer will depend on a number of factors including the age of the system, the frequency of use, whether the system has been shut off for any length of time, the size of the coverage area and the region where the system is installed. Your best bet is to work with a qualified Middle TN irrigation system repair company and rely on scheduled maintenance and periodic checks to ensure that your sprinklers are operating as they should and no leaks are present.

Typical Irrigation Repair and Service Requests
It can be difficult to know when to contact irrigation repair and service for your home sprinkler system and when you can take care of the repairs yourself. While there are some small repairs that can be taken care of by the average homeowner, there are definitely certain situations where professional sprinkler system repairs are in order. Below is a list of common issues that will require the services of a skilled irrigation company in Middle TN.

  • Broken Pipes - If you have pipes above or underground that are cracked or broken, it's time to call out a pro. Your Middle TN irrigation system repair service can help you to fix damaged pipes that have become broken over time or as the result of abuse and neglect. In most cases the irrigation specialist will need to dig to get down to the pipes for irrigation repair and service, so this is definitely a job for the pros.
  • Busted Sprinkler Heads - Another common repair issue is busted sprinkler heads. There are lots of moving parts inside of a typical sprinkler head, which means that there are lots of things that can go wrong. They can get broken, tweaked, smashed and even pulled completely out of the ground by lawnmowers, edgers and human error. They can also become clogged or become misaligned, requiring clearing and adjustment in order to function properly.
  • Reduced Coverage - There are lots of ways that coverage could be reduced, which can lead to dead patches of grass, wilting flowers and plants in the summer and problems with tree or shrub growth. Overgrown landscaping, weeds and other issues can become a factor in the reduced coverage with your irrigation system that might not cause sprinkler system repairs, but could require careful lawn care.

Why You Need Seasonal Services
Even if you do not hire a landscaper or irrigation company in Middle TN to check your sprinklers or maintain your property, it is important to at least hire irrigation repair and service professionals to perform seasonal services. Winterizing your irrigation system will help prevent pipes from freezing when the temperature drops. Specialists will blow out all of the water from your pipes to reduce the chance of them cracking over the winter months.

In the spring, when the temperature warms up and your landscaping requires regular watering again, it's a good time to do a once over on your irrigation system just in case repairs are needed. Your Middle TN irrigation system repair specialists can get your sprinklers back up and running, check the pipes and values, program your system to water according to the season and get you ready for warmer weather.

How to Hire an Irrigation Company in Middle TN
If you are looking for a professional and experienced company to handle sprinkler system repairs, try Premier Lawn Care. Located in Manchester, Tennessee, our team of trained, certified and licensed lawn care specialists can provide you with a wide range of landscaping, irrigation and property maintenance services. Give us a call at 931-954-5545 to get a free quote on our Middle TN irrigation system repair or other services.