Weed Removal and Lawn Care Tips for Homeowners in Tennessee

weed-removal-servicesNothing can ruin a nice looking lawn quite like a big patch of weeds. There are different types of weeds that plague homeowners across the country, so it's important to be able to identify the type of weed removal and lawn care that is required of Middle TN landscaping. A lot of different factors can affect the amount and type of weeds that you get, as well as the effectiveness of your approach to getting rid of them. Irrigation repair and service can play a big part in keeping your lawn free of weeds - or at least get them under control. If you are struggling with weeds or want to get rid of them without dumping a lot of chemicals on your front lawn, consider hiring professional landscaping companies in TN to clear it out for you. Why Weeds Are a Sign of Bigger Problems

When you look at your beautiful lawn and start seeing weeds creeping in, you might think that's the extent of your troubles. But the truth is, the very presence of weeds are just a symptom of bigger, underlying issues. You can get rid of weeds one week and they'll just come back again the next. Understanding what causes weeds to grow - and what you can do to prevent them - will help you to get it all under control once and for all.

Some of the things that can affect weeds include:

  • proper mowing techniques
  • management of water
  • fertilization
  • condition of the soil
  • type of turf that you have planted

The point is, if you aren't mowing your lawn and taking care of it properly, you could be opening the door up to weeds or the spread of weeds around your turf. Hiring a Middle TN landscaping company to take care of the weekly mowing can really help. If you don't have your lawn on a proper watering schedule, or pay attention to irrigation repair and services, chances are you could be over or under watering, which could also result in weed growth. Having a professional team of landscapers on your side for weed removal and lawn care is worth more than the monthly fee that you pay for service, it helps to protect your real estate investment and make your house look and feel more like a home.

Common Weeds Found in Middle TN Landscaping

Weeds are a fact of life all over the country, but they don't have to be in your lawn. Learning all you can about weeds - the conditions that they thrive in, when they are most prevalent and what to do about them when they show up, can really help you to come out on top and overcome. Once again, you will get the best results by hiring professional landscaping companies in TN to take care of weed removal and lawn care, as well as irrigation repair and service for you, because they can stay on top of the issue with a more regular schedule.

  • Broadleaf Annuals (Summer Months) - Like flowers and other plants that you buy for your garden, weeds that are considered to be annuals only last a year, dying off at the first frost of the fall or winter season. Unfortunately, they know this too and are great at producing and distributing weeds all over your property. Broadleaf annuals germinate in the spring and grow like crazy during the summer months. The best approach to this type of weed is to apply herbicides that are known as "per-emergent" so you can get them in the early spring before they even germinate. WEEDS in this category include: ragweed, horsenettle, bedstraw, carpetweed and knotweed.
  • Broadleaf Annuals (Winter Months) - While it might seem impossible for there to be winter annuals, since we know that the summer variety dies off at the first frost, these weeds also only last a year, but they die off in summer and distribute their seeds so they can go dormant over the winter. The best approach for this type of weed is a herbicide known as "post-emergent," which should be applied in early spring before the plants have a chance to grow and thrive and redistribute their seeds again for the next year. WEEDS in this category throughout Tennessee include: chickweed, deadnettle, buttercup and henbit.
  • Perennial Broadleaf - Once you understand that perennial means that they don't die off, they simply go dormant in the winter and then start growing again in the spring when all of the temperature and weather conditions get right, you'll know why it's important to nip these weeds in the bud - literally! To get rid of these weeds, a combination treatment that includes post-emergent herbicides, along with a good fertilizer to keep the lawn strong, is the best approach. WEEDS that fall under this category in the Middle TN landscaping include: dandelions, clover, ivy, buttonweed, wild violets, wild onions and curly dock.
  • Annual Grass Weeds - By far the most common and well-known of the weeds that plague homeowners throughout the South and in other states across the country, annual grass weeds can be controlled by the use of pre-emergent herbicides in early spring before growth begins. Believe it or not, some varieties of "grass seed" that are used in extreme temperature conditions, such as bermuda grass and bluegrass, are actually considered annual grass weeds. However, most landscaping companies in TN recommend rye grass or fescue grass for our area, making these grass weeds damaging to the overall health and look of our lawns. WEEDS that fall into this category include: crabgrass, foxtail and goose grass.

How to Win the Battle Against Weeds

The best way to win the battle against weeds in Middle TN is to have a healthy lawn. The best way to ensure that your lawn is healthy and ready to stand up to weeds and other damaging situations is to hire professional landscaping companies in TN to provide you with top quality weed removal and lawn care. Unlike our neighbors to the north, Middle TN landscaping can be a year-round thing. While we do get snow and ice for a period of time, many companies in our area offer much more than irrigation repair and service, but also snow removal and seasonal preparations and maintenance that keep our lawns and gardens looking great.

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