What Do the Experts Say About Winter Lawn Care in Tennessee?


When it comes to taking care of your property, it is important to know the ins and outs of proper care depending on the season. It is also important to have knowledge on the requirements of proper landscaping depending on where you live. For example, the type of work that is done in December out west is much different than what you will see landscaping companies in TN doing during the same month. On the other hand, Middle TN lawn care in summer will be drastically different than the lawn care provided to homeowners in Texas during the summer months. Knowing what to do - and when to do it - is one of the biggest reasons why so many homeowners and commercial property owners hire professional landscaping companies to keep their lawns looking their very best. Before You Hang It Up for the Season It is important to provide proper winter lawn care in Tennessee to ensure that your grass is properly fed and "put to bed" for the season. This will help to ensure a greener and thicker lawn once springtime comes back to the region and will protect your lawn against damage that could occur over the winter while it is dormant. So before you put your lawn tools away, or think it's time to give your lawn care professional the winter season off, it is important to take care of these essential tasks, maintenance and inspections to ensure that your lawn is properly protected year round.

Irrigation Inspections & Maintenance One of the most important things that you need to do as a homeowner or property owner is to ensure that your irrigation system is properly cared for this time of year. Your sprinklers represent a substantial financial investment and are a vital part of keeping your lawn, trees, bushes and flowers healthy.

Make sure to call out your landscaping companies in TN to perform seasonal irrigation checks, clearing out all water from the lines, shutting down the system and winterizing it to protect it before the first freeze.

Even in a mild winter, all it takes is just one single freeze and you could end up with broken pipes, a damaged system and even potential water leakage down in the foundation of your home. Contact your Middle TN lawn care professionals to come out and perform seasonal irrigation checks and maintenance in both the fall and the spring to keep things running smoothly.

Fertilizing Your Lawn for the Winter Another important task that many people overlook, is to have the lawn fertilized in late fall or early winter. This is an important part of winter lawn care in Tennessee as it helps to feed common grasses like Bermuda, bluegrass or other cool season varieties until spring.

Landscaping companies in TN, such as Premier Lawn Care, can provide you with top quality, professional seasonal fertilizing to prepare your spring lawn to be healthy, green and look its very best.

If you can take care of fertilizing when you perform the seasonal irrigation checks before the weather turns cold, you will gain the benefit of the fertilizer remaining down in the soil to help feed the roots throughout the winter. This helps to replace the nutrients that get lost from the soil during the heat of the summer.

Proper Mowing Techniques for Fall Did you know that there is a right way and a wrong way to mow the lawn in the fall? There are actually "mowing strategies" that are employed by Middle TN lawn care experts to help ease your lawn into winter without shocking it and to keep it free from seasonal pests.

Part of winter lawn care in Tennessee is to start gradually cutting the base of the lawn down lower in the last month of summer to get it shorter for the winter months, as a gradual reduction will help prevent dead spots and other common issues.

Lawns that are left too long during the winter will attract pests, such as field mice and other rodents that like to build nests and burrow through the colder months. They will damage lawns by pulling up grass to build those nests and can even destroy and entire lawn before you know it. Speak with your lawn care professional about protecting your lawn through mowing.

Keeping the Lawn Clean & Clear Make sure to rake up leaves, twigs, pine needles and other debris from your lawn to keep it clear of anything that could potentially damage your lawn. Also clean up any toys, lawn furniture or other items that might have been left outdoors by you and your family, putting them away before the ground freezes.

Clear the lawn completely after the final mow of the season and make sure to do periodic checks for toys, tools and other items throughout the winter season to help protect the lawn when it snows.

What most people don't realize, is that if things get left on top of the grass during the winter, when it snows, the weight of the object can create a large dead spot that won't grow properly in the spring. Even if the grass does start to grow where the object was placed, it won't look as healthy, green and lush as the rest of the yard.

Staying Off the Grass This Time of Year While most people will instinctively avoid walking on a beautiful green lawn out of respect for the growth, they tend to not care as much about dormant lawns, which are typically brown and short in length. It is important to find ways to prevent your family, friends and neighbors from creating a path across your lawn in the winter, which can lead to serious damage.

One way to prevent people from walking on your lawn is to keep the sidewalks clean and clear or snow, ice and other debris to remove the temptation to walk on top of the grass for safety.

Contact Premier Lawn Care to help you with snow removal. Whether you need sidewalks, driveways and access roads cleared, or if you own a commercial property and need entire parking lots and streets cleared or salted during the winter, our team of professionals can help. When you hire landscaping companies in TN, make sure they can provide you with top quality, year round services.

To find out more about Premier Lawn Care or to request a FREE estimate on winter lawn care in Tennessee for your residential or commercial property, give us a call at 931-954-5545. Our team will come out to your property to help you with year round lawn care, seasonal irrigation checks and any other outdoor maintenance services you might require.