Why Summer is Best for Asphalt Parking Lot Repair in Middle TN

summer-asphalt-repairHave you ever watched a road crew working on a street in the middle of the summer and wondered why they are out there doing all that work in the hot sun? Believe it or not, there are certain times of year due to temperature, weather and other conditions, that make it better to do asphalt parking lot maintenance and repair than others. Custom parking lot services help to keep your property looking and functioning as it should, adding value to your building and your business. Keeping a sharp eye on curb appeal and employing Middle TN parking lot sweeping services to keep things neat and clean, will help you to maintain your property effectively and increase the value to both you and anyone who visits.

Parking lot sweeping in Tennessee is a year round proposition. From leaves, debris, flowers and more in the spring, summer and early fall to snow and ice in the winter, taking care of your parking lot is something you need to do every single month of the year. Not only does parking lot maintenance and repair help protect your investment, but it also protects both you and your visitors from accidents, such as slips and falls, that can happen if a property is not properly maintained. Keeping leaves, dirt, debris and other items from becoming a hazard in your parking lot, side walks or roadways is part of good property ownership and management.

Do Your Paving in Warm Weather
However, when it comes to paving the asphalt and doing other related custom parking lot services, the warmer months of late spring and summer are best. While it is possible to do paving in the fall months, the more ideal the conditions for paving and resurfacing your parking lot in Tennessee, the better the results will be. Working with a professional company that can provide you with top quality results and trusted parking lot maintenance and repair will also help to ensure that you get the best possible return on your investment.

Some of the main conditions that can affect the installation of asphalt include:

  • hot mix asphalt must remain between 175-275 degrees for best quality results
  • warmer weather helps to maintain the temperature during spreading, keeping the materials more pliable and smooth
  • colder weather can help to "set" the surface faster, but it also means that the crew must work faster to fight against the temperature changes caused by the cooler air
  • as the hot mix asphalt cools, it becomes more difficult to work with, opening the door to stability issues and other problems
  • high winds, storms and other weather conditions can affect the installation and setting of the asphalt

Hire the Best Crew for Custom Parking Lot Services in Middle TN
The best way to guarantee that you will get great results is to hire a trusted, reputable crew for all of your parking lot maintenance and repair. Premier Lawn Care is a Middle TN parking lot sweeping, maintenance and repair service located in Manchester, TN. We provide a wide variety of property management, maintenance and repair services, including asphalt repair, line striping, installations of speed bumps and parking lot sweeping in Tennessee.

It is important to hire a crew that understands the importance of temperature, weather conditions, quality materials and the use of proper equipment in order to get the best results. Experience, knowledge, training, certification and insurance are also qualifications that should be discussed when taking bids for custom parking lot services. Efficient work crews have the ability to do quality installations even in bad weather, but it pays to work with a service that will work with you to ensure the best possible scenario.

One thing is for certain, the longer that the hot asphalt sits without being compacted properly, the less stable it becomes. Bad weather, improper temperatures and other issues can delay the addition of the top layer, which can result in structural problems in the future. Proper application of the asphalt, such as a thinner layer used in colder temperatures, must be compacted completely within 16 minutes of being laid down, while thicker layers of two to three inches can be compacted and worked within about 30-45 minutes. Proper use of equipment, such as rollers and spreaders, will ensure that the job gets done quickly and accurately.

Call Premier Lawn Care for Middle TN Parking Lot Maintenance and Repair
If you own property in the Middle Tennessee area and are interested in hiring a professional company to provide you with custom parking lot services, consider Premier Lawn Care in Manchester, TN. From parking lot sweeping to parking lot maintenance in repair, property maintenance and management to landscaping and hardscaping design, Premier Lawn Care has the know-how, experience, training and certification to make all of your dreams come true. Give us a call at 931-954-5545 for more information about any of our quality commercial property services.