Winter Commercial Property Responsibility Tips in Middle TN


When it comes to removing snow and ice, commercial property owners have a lot of responsibilities. Not only will staying on top of Manchester, TN area snow removal help to protect your property from damage caused by a build-up of snow and ice, but it will also protect you from potential risks and liability regarding visitors and employees that come on-site. If someone slips and falls in an icy parking lot, the owner of the commercial property could face a potential lawsuit.

Who is responsible? Is it the visitor who slipped and fell; the store owner who rents the commercial space; or the owner of the property for not providing year-round outdoor property maintenance in Middle TN that includes the removal of snow and ice? In many cases, the owner of the property itself is the party that is held responsible. You owe it to yourself and to those who visit your commercial property to provide custom parking lot services through a professional provider all year long.

Legal Responsibilities Vary by State

Depending upon the state in which your commercial property is located, there may also be varying degrees of responsibilities that you will need to be aware of in order to protect yourself from liabilities. The rule of thumb is to just take care of the problem on a consistent and comprehensive basis, hiring a snow removal company in Middle TN to take care of snow and ice issues as they happen, is the best way to deal with this situation. Business owners that have properties across multiple states, would do well to adhere to the strictest regulations across the board at all properties and set them as company policy.

Other things taken into consideration regarding liability and responsibility include:

  • when and where the injury occurred
  • how long the hazard existed
  • whether the accumulation of snow and ice was natural or artificial
  • the behavior, purpose and intent of the visitor
  • any terms included in the lease of said property
  • environmental issues surrounding the location of the property

Bottom line: if you own commercial property, make sure you know your responsibilities regarding outdoor property maintenance in Middle TN; if you lease commercial property, make sure you know your responsibilities and the responsibilities of the property owner with regard to hiring a snow removal company in Middle TN; and if you are a consumer, client or other type of visitor, be aware of slippery areas on properties, particularly stairs, railings and ramps, which can become quite slick immediately following or during a winter storm. When people take the time to be aware, learn their responsibilities and then take action, there are a lot less accidents and issues when accidents actually occur.

Hire Premier Lawn Care in Middle TN

If you own or lease commercial property in the Greater Middle TN area, consider contacting Premier Lawn Care, a Manchester, TN snow removal and property maintenance company that serves both residential and commercial property owners throughout the region. Our team has the knowledge, experience and the equipment required to provide you with top quality custom parking lot services, including seasonal services and year-round outdoor property maintenance in Middle TN and the surrounding area.

We take a strategic and offensive approach to snow and ice management. Our goal is to ensure that your operations are running smoothly, regardless of the weather conditions, and that you and your guests are protected from common issues and hazards associated with snow and ice accumulation. We serve properties throughout the state of Tennessee and can handle any size commercial snow removal job. Our team can help you to control your costs for hiring a professional snow removal company in Middle TN, by helping you to plan ahead and create a strategy for providing reliable service.

Some of the associated services we provide at Premier Lawn Care include:

  • snow plowing
  • snow removal or hauling
  • hand shoveling
  • ice management

Our custom parking lot services can help you to protect your concrete, asphalt and other outdoor surfaces from winter weather related damage, while protecting you from liability for accidents that occur on built-up snow or ice within your property. Contact our Manchester, TN snow removal company for services anywhere in the state. Premier Lawn Care can provide your residential or commercial property with the comprehensive line of services and solutions you require for proper handling of snow and ice.

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