Wintertime Asphalt Repair in Middle TN: Wasting Time & Money?


Most of the time when we see work being done to parking lots or other driving and walking surfaces, it is in the summer - or at least during a time of the year when the weather is fair. However, did you know that it is possible to do pothole repairs in the winter? There are some situations where the asphalt repair in Middle TN just can't wait until the weather gets warmer and it has to be done right away.

From professional power washing to seal coating and line striping, it is important to take care of parking lot maintenance and repair on your property to reduce liability and prevent customers from having a bad shopping experience. Your best bet is to work with a company that can take care of your property maintenance issues year-round, that also understands what it takes in Tennessee to get the job done - even in the winter months.

Why Winter Repairs Are Called Temporary

So what is the difference between asphalt repair that is done in the spring or summer and asphalt repair that is done in cooler weather? No matter how good a company is at parking lot maintenance and repair, there are still some things that skill and quality materials cannot overcome. Believe it or not, science plays a big role in these repairs only being temporary, requiring property owners to have them re-done again when the weather gets warm.

The whole freeze-thaw cycle that happens during the late fall and winter months is what causes potholes to occur in most situations. Unfortunately, these seemingly small cracks and pits often lead to major problems for motorists. Blown out tires, alignment issues and even wheel rims can become cracked, when the vehicle is driven over a pothole. For a property owner, this can be a logistical nightmare to avoid liabilities associated with a pothole that has not been fixed in their parking lot or driveway. Studies show that typical pothole damage costs around $350 in repairs, racking up to approximately $5 billion nationwide each year.

The science behind repairing potholes is physics. Moisture through snow, ice and water that collects naturally inside of the potholes and surrounding cracks makes asphalt repair in Middle TN difficult. The pavement around the area that is being repaired and the pavement inside of the cracks must be dry for most asphalt repair products to create a permanent bond. If any moisture remains at the site of the repair, which is next to impossible to guarantee, the whole freeze-thaw cycle will begin all over again, resulting in more deterioration by spring.

It is also very difficult to work with hot asphalt when the temperatures are low, because it will cool on the ride over from the place where it is made to the location where it is needed. In many areas of the country, asphalt plants shut down completely until March, as it is impossible for the material to be used. Trucks that have heated compartments, as well as other solutions, have been used with varying degrees of success. However, there are options available to property owners who require parking lot maintenance and repair this time of year.

Fix It and Fix It Again

For commercial property owners, the only solution to a bad pothole that is causing damage or poses potential damage to customers and other visitors on-site, is to just have it repaired and make plans to fix it again in the spring. Keeping a list, along with a property map that is appropriately marked, that labels all of the potholes and other areas that you notice on-site that will need to be repaired in the warmer weather may help. Due to the nature of the freeze-thaw cycle, most of the potholes in Tennessee are formed between late January and April, as temperatures jump above and below freezing.

Some of the solutions that have been developed for "temporary" pothole repair will only last a few weeks, so it is important to stay on top of any cold weather repairs to ensure that they last until you are able to do a permanent repair. Cold asphalt mix is sometimes used to minimize potholes by the Department of Transportation in various states. Some options will cost more than others, so many property owners will have to weigh the cost of fixing issues or simply cutting off access to some areas that would require a much more expensive temporary repair due to their size and location.

Working With a Professional

Some property management companies and commercial property owners simply send their crews out to do minimal repairs on parking lots and driveways. However, it pays to work with a professional who can take care of your issues and then work with you to do a permanent repair when the weather clears up again. Parking lot maintenance and repair is a year-round job. When you hire the right crew for your asphalt repair in Middle TN, you can also get additional services to help make your property look and perform its very best. Seal coating and line striping, professional power washing, parking lot sweeping and many other important jobs can all be done by one company that you trust.

Premier Lawn Care specializes in commercial property maintenance and management. Along with all of our other services, which include landscaping, grounds maintenance, porter services, hardscaping, landscape design, parking lot services and much more, we have a team that is experienced in fixing potholes and other types of asphalt repair in Middle TN. Give us a call at 931-954-5455 to learn more about the wide variety of professional services available at Premier Lawn Care or to schedule an on-site visit for a FREE estimate for parking lot maintenance and repair.