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Dollar for dollar, fertilization does more to improve poor-quality turfgrass or to maintain good-quality turfgrass than any other management practice. Proper fertilization practices produce a dense, medium-to dark-green turf that resists pests and environmental stresses.


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Careless application techniques or excessive amounts of fertilizer applied at the wrong time of year can result in serious turf damage and contamination of water resources. Successful turf maintenance fertilization requires that you assess your turf’s nutritional requirements, understand fertilizers, know how much to apply and when, and use proper application techniques. This is why it is important to hire a highly trained company, like Premier Lawn Care, to develop and maintain a turf program on your yard. 


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On top of fertilization you will also need to apply chemical weed control. Although good mowing techniques and mowing at the correct height will help in smothering out weeds in your turf, you will still need to apply a chemical weed control. This is usually done in the form of a preemergence, postemergence or normally a combination of the two used in a turf program. 


Beautiful lawns are planned and created. A good lawn fertilization program is an essential part of every great looking lawn. Contact Premier Lawn Care to develop a turf management program that is right for you and your yard. 





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